In many companies, the intranet has meanwhile taken on a central importance. It determines the type of cross-departmental collaboration, provides the necessary orientation and decisively establishes the company-wide exchange of information and knowledge. Of course, the challenge of internal communication has widened considerably, but targeted communication of important company information is still the focus of attention, but the objective now is to promote dialogue between employees and across hierarchies, to activate networking with colleagues and to promote cooperation and cooperation to facilitate the company-wide exchange of knowledge.

IT is the heart of every modern enterprise - the support of SEVEN CONSULTING supports you in ensuring that your IT functions smoothly and that you can work trouble-free. Due to their many years of experience, our specialists can solve very different tasks in the IT area.

Whether IT disruption, IT failure or other infrastructure threats - whatever the problem, our experts will be able to fix it in a short time. We help you to ensure that important data is not lost and that the usual operation gets under way again as quickly as possible. With our specialists, there is always a fast acting and reliable on-site team to take care of your problems and eliminate any issues with urgency. If necessary, our employees can access your system via remote support and remedy the problem via remote maintenance. We give you the choice: We offer our service either as an external IT department or as support for your existing IT department.

Web design by SEVEN CONSULTING creates with years of experience modern, high-quality and affordable websites. We consistently follow your corporate design, so that your website fits smoothly into the appearance of your corporate communication. If necessary, we are happy to lend your existing corporate design new creative features or to completely redesign it, thus laying the foundation for your entire corporate identity. We design your website with respect to user ergonomics standards. That The interaction with your visitors is contextual throughout the development. Your website will be more creative, serious and clear so that your visitors stay on your website for as long as possible and enjoy the services you offer. Webdesign convinces us through well thought-out page structures, pioneering design and W3C-compliant valid programming. Why are we doing this? We want to create sustainable solutions with a high added value for our customers. We rely on the search engine friendly content management system WordPress. Our experience has shown that it is easy to use, safe and very flexible for our customers. WordPress is the most widely used CMS system in the world with which we have already implemented numerous customer projects and one of the fastest in terms of search engine placement.

Our Windows rollout system provides you with an ideal platform for the initial or new installation of Windows clients with standard applications - within 5 days Windows 10 rollout take place. This reduces the deployment time of new systems and errors in manual installations.

We are your partner for sophisticated corporate design. We develop brand impressions that impress. A strong brand image is the basis of a successful company. Let yourself be surprised by our creativity and our fresh ideas!


At every stage of the work process, we place great emphasis on flexibility and openness. Thanks to the Scrum approach with agile structures, you are always in the thick of the action and can intervene, vary or supplement.

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